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You can make this by having a app counter. And on the element that is Tapped you will have a CounterSet behavior to 1. Then on the second page you will have, on the element you want to show a Show Behavior Invoked on Load with a Condition that the app counter to be 1.Let me know if you need a sample app, and I will make and provide you one.

We will work to fix this bug.

We will work to fix this bug.

a transparent element is for example a png that doesn't have any colors on it, not even the white background.

You can import a png in builder and set the Opacity to 0% and there you have a transparent element.

this can't be made on the same element. But if you have a transparent element( not visible on interact) on top of the one that spins it will work in this mode:

For the spin element have Tap-Spin (Self), Tap-Show(transparent element).

For the transparent element Tap-StopSpin(spin element), Tap-Hide (Self).

I've made a sample app for you to see this:

211 - spin 

yes make a  Tap-StopSpin to that element with a delay of 1000ms.

In case of an animation you could have a Move behavior set after the animation with the original coordonates.

In case of the scale, you will need two behaviors after: First a Scale ( in case you first scale the object to 50% you will then need a scale of 100%) then you will need a Move behavior to reset the element coordonates.

So far if you want to make the spin stop add a behavior StopSpin with a delay of a few seconds after the Spin behavior. You will have to think after how many seconds you will need the spin to stop.